Sunday, June 21, 2009


I did not know what to make of the title "GlueFO" at first. I closed my eyes and tried to come up with what "FO" might stand for. I Googled it and apparently it is a Wall Street abbreviation for Fortune Foods. Yet that just didn't seem to fit.

Then I realized that "GlueFO" is supposed to be a glue version of "UFO" or unidentified flying object. Now that makes sense. GlueFO is a game in which you have a spaceship covered in glue. Small meteors stick to your ship and you take these small meteoroids and shoot them at big meteors. After all the big ones are destroyed, you are allowed to move up to the next level.

Now the glue metaphor is not perfect. Yes, the small stones stick to your ship. But who ever heard of glue that turns from a sticky substance into something used for throwing. Yet, I bet both of us will remember the title "GlueFO" when we want to pull this game off the Internet and play a few rounds.

I like the way the instruction tutorial gets right into the game. It is only 45 seconds long, unlike some really dull game tutorials. It gives you the basics so that within one minute of finding this game online, you can be playing it.

The scripts are well written and the code is executed with precision. The game actually stands out among the better quick and easy free online games out there. Try a few rounds and see if the game "sticks" to you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Same Color

So they could have been a bit more creative when they named "same color." But at the end of the day, this is just the kind of game you are looking for to play on a mobile device, so who cares if the name is a bit poor.

Not all games were made to be played on mobile devices. The designers have to understand that if they want people to play their game on a PDA, they need to build in a screen that is simple and won't get lost on the smaller visuals that most people are using. That means that you should not have such features as screen in screen or heads-up display.

Same Color does not rely on these gimmicks. Simply, you need to line all the circles up in the same color before they reach the bottom of the screen. There are many games that are similar, but if you are looking for one optimized for a mobile game, this may be your best bet.

The controls are simple. It won't be your fingers that trip you up, it will be your mind. You need to be thinking two steps ahead of every move to keep a good pace going. While the game is not hard at the beginning, the degree of difficulty quickly increases and you go up in levels.

I wouldn't give the game my highest rating. But it's not bad. It is certainly something you can enjoy killing time with for a few hours.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't Hold the Fun, Hold the Line

Since the advent of open source, free swap java game applications, we have seen a tremendous number of new games that can be played live on the Internet or downloaded to a cell phone or PDA. Not all these are great innovations however, since the technology is outpacing the minds of many self proclaimed game designers. Yet "Hold the Line" is the kind of non-pretentious, semi-serious game that has just the right balance of challenges and programming intricacies.

Hold the Line reminds me of a traditional double circuit racing game in which the subroutines allow you to control several variables seamlessly. You have a dynamic motion graphic set that really should be standard for all games today, even those given away for free. (Just because a game is free, does not mean it should be worthless.) The sound escapes most of the common pitfalls by modulating in tone depending on how far down the track you have gotten. At any rate, as a free mobile game, you are not going to have great sound anyway, so who cares.

The game is kept simple for a reason with arrow keys and space bar being your controls. Yes, you can change this, but what would be the point?

The playing experience is rich and it certainly stands up to a game that you can come back to without getting bored. My only beef is that it does seem to take a long time to load, which you can avoid by downloading instead of playing live.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Doom Will Keep You Glued to Your Phone

I remember playing "Doom" on my computer years ago. My husband and I were addicted to this game. We would play together. I was responsible for shooting, and he would move the Marine from place to place. At the time, which was over a dozen years ago, "Doom" was the most sophisticated game of its time. We were newly married and we liked playing games together. This was perfect. We would spend hours, because it took hours to complete a level and continue. Each level became more challenging as the monsters were more powerful. We had to struggle to find more "health" to regenerate and find more weapons to stock our arsenal. Also, each level had secret passageways and rooms where special armor or sophisticated weaponry was hidden.

Flash forward to 2008, and I am slowly catching up to the technology of the 2000s. I have a mobile phone with some games, but I was never interested in playing them.Well imagine my surprise when I saw that "Doom" can be downloaded to your mobile phone. It takes a lot of memory to have it on your phone, but it's well worth it. If you only have room for one mobile game, let it be "Doom." I promise you won't regret it. There are nine levels with intense action. You use the "number key" and the "star key" to move sideways. Lots of "bad guys" and interesting weapons to annihilate them all. It's a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it. I loved playing with my husband, but now I can play on my own if I'm bored!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Racing by the Beach

I admit I'm not the most technologically savvy person. I don't have an iPod or Blackberry, but I do rely on my cell phone. I had no idea there were extra features offered on every cell phone. In fact, it was my son who told me that I have "Games." Huh??? Why would I want games on my mobile phone? I have a cell phone to make phone calls, not to play games. Well it turns out that it's a very good thing. My generation grew up on Asteroids, Space Invaders and Pac Man. To play a game like that on one's cell phone was unbelievable to me. We had these bulky machines with game cartridges. Today you can go to a mobile games website and download hundreds of fun games to your phone. My son was actually patient enough to teach me how to do this. I'm sure the majority of today's generation master this before pre school! So let me tell you about my first download. It was "Beach Rally, " a car race along the beach which is a lot of fun. I like games involving the race against the clock or an opponent. It's very simply to play. You use the number 5 key to accelerate, number 4 to turn left and number 6 to right. Number 8 is for braking, but I doubt anyone uses it. You're supposed to be racing, not stopping. Anyway, I discovered these mobile phone games are a wonderful feature. I had the misfortune of spending my day waiting in various lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles recently. To stop from going insane, I played "Beach Rally" most of the day. I knocked my son off the highest score list! Not too bad for a 40 plus woman who grew up in the Stone Ages of video games, don't you think?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quad Race

What is a quad? Better question. What does a quad have to do with a cell phone or PDA? Finally, what do these questions have to do with you?

Well, now that you asked, there are some important answers. A "quad" refers to a vehicle that is like a motorcycle with four wheels. Unlike a car, it is completely open. Yet with four extra wide tires, the quad can race up and down hills on all sorts of terrain. Sand, gravel, dirt - -all of these are what a quad is built for.

So what do these vehicle have to do with a cell phone? The answer is that you can now play quad race on your cell phone or PDA. You use the arrow keys to control a video representation of a quad around an interesting course filled with jumps and other obstacles. As you travel around, you can earn "turbo boosts" by touching stars that appear all over the course. Usually, you have to do something interesting like jump (space bar) for a star. The more you touch, the more turbo boosts you will have. You will need these for the really long jumps that occur more and more often the more you play.

So just download the game onto your mobile device and you are ready to play anytime and anywhere. The best thing is when you use a mobile device, no one can really see what you are doing. So even during those boring board meetings, just pretend that you are ay the beach racing a four-wheeled monster instead of looking at sales graphs and shipping costs. Go home and try and better your scores on your home computer. Since the game is online, it is always available whenever you want to play. Otherwise, just download it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uphill Rush

Uphill Rush is a good find. It is a free mobile game that is fun and challenging. In a world where most free games are worth what you pay for them, it is refreshing to play a game like this which you could easily see actually buying.

It is a motorcycle simulation game. You can play in two different modes. the first mode is time trail. You play against the clock and try and better your fastest score down a course. The second mode is a race against computer controlled motorcycles. Either way, the game is a hoot with multiple challenging levels.

The course is laid out with all sorts of jumps, dips, and obstacles. You control your bike with the keypad and spacebar. Just like with a real motorcycle, for every action, you must balance it with a counteraction to stay upright. If you need to lean backwards to raise the front wheel, at some point you will have to lean forward to get that wheel back on the ground. Every action requires an equal counter-action after the obstacle is managed.

On the time trial mode, you will see a shadow bike taking against you. This shadow bike is simply a representation of your fastest time. That way you know if you are near to setting a personal record for the course. Of course, when you have a high score you can submit it and then everyone in the universe will know that when it comes to video motorcycles, you are a real champion.

The game does not get boring and you can have lots of fun for a few hours. Now that it is a mobile game, you can play it anywhere on your cell phone of your PDA. "Down" time has never been so much fun.